College is coming closer

As America’s high school seniors in the Class of 2016 await the springtime decisions on their college applications, former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager is opening up about her own college selection.

In a video for NBC News’ College Game Plan, Hager says she chose the University of Texas at Austin primarily because that’s where her group of trusted, loyal friends was headed – and at a “stressful time” when her father was running for president.

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Don’t Cry Mr President

It is reported by that Pres. Obama said he would not speak at Malia’s graduation, because he is only going to cry. Well, that would not be something new to us now, or would it?

We don’t mind you crying, but we would’ve loved to see you speak anyway. Here is an excerpt from the article with a link to read further:

Like most dads, President Barack Obama will be dealing with an overwhelming mix of emotions when his eldest daughter Malia graduates high school this June. Continue reading “Don’t Cry Mr President”

Good References

Thinking of the blizzard we are facing right now. It is huge and we’ve been called to stay at home.

If you need someone to call in the case of an emergency, I hope you have the right number – we try and keep them on the fridge (as I imagine you do too)

Police Department

Fire Marshall

Medical Centre


Cleaning and Clearing Continue reading “Good References”

Business Talk

Our offices are shining like new…

We have a friend who lives in a nearby state and went on a road trip to do business with a major contract they have. They learned of our new venture and stopped by to surprise us with a super special office spring-clean (although it’s practically still winter!). The place smells nice, looks nice, feels nice and presents perfect. As journalists we don’t often receive people into our offices, but right now, we feel like everyone should see it!

To crown it all, the carpets are so soft and new again, some of us sit on the floor :-)

Thank you guys, you are the best!

My Family Renews Me – Pres. Obama

This article appeared in People Magazine, see below for link

Being president of the United States is a 24/7 job, but Barack Obama says it’s actually allowed him to spend more quality time with daughters Sasha and Malia.

That’s because he “lives above the store” (the store being the White House in this case).

“At a certain point, let’s say 6:30 at night, I can go upstairs, I can have dinner with [Sasha and Malia], and if I have to go back to work, I can,” Obama explains to survival expert Bear Grylls during a special episode of Running Wild airing Thursday night. Continue reading “My Family Renews Me – Pres. Obama”

Business Talk – Your Manual

Since we are journalists also (or perhaps wanne-be journalists), we thought it good to bring in some good advice for you as yo take on the world with your adventures.

We know it’s not easy, and we want to share with you what we have learned (or probably still learning). We will take this opportunity to promote healthy and helpful local businesses, as well as good material of how you can run your business. Continue reading “Business Talk – Your Manual”

Let her live her life

Malia Obama on her teenage years and her journey as a US President’s daughter

As a presidential daughter, you will normally have critics especially if they have found out something wrong about your needs. Though you have the same actions as they are, they will see something bad against you. Malia Obama deserves to dress and live her own life the way she wants to. This is what Michelle and Barack wants her to be. It is to enjoy her teenage years without minding what other people will say. Malia Obama went into headlines when she goes to the bar and enjoy.

We are the pilots of our lives. We are the one who decides what kind of life we would want to live. There are so many things we can do with our lives when we are a private person. We can do everything without other people minding how we live. As America is one of the liberated and democratic countries practicing democracy in their own speech, they are still dwelling on how big people’s children should behave in the middle of the crowd. Malia Obama is one of the teenage who are enjoying in her teenage without minding other people for their words. She will go on partying the way other teenagers are doing. People will mind your action even you are not running or sitting in any political position. They will speak something against you and write their articles to put you down.

Continue reading “Let her live her life”

Business Talk

Since we have Maila Obama as our pet obsession and what she does for the girls of America, most of our spare time as journalists will go into writing and posting about her.

Since we also want to run a project where we test a little info directory, we will combine it with our blog to Malia.

Our first reference would be a tree care business not far from the White House… They offer great service

See our business contact page for updated and further helpful links into the future